Hazelnut & Orange Pilaf

I created this recipe on a leftover night. Every week I try to factor in at least one leftover night, where we take whatever odds and ends are left in the fridge and put together a meal. In this case, I had some Get Grounded Fall Root Vegetable Soup in a container in the fridge, along with a head of kale that I intended to use in the stovetop method of this Cheesy Roasted Broccoli dish. I had a single orange left in our fruit basket, along with some fresh parsley and a jar of hazelnuts in the fridge. I consulted the Vegetarian Flavor Bible to see what other flavors might compliment what I had on hand, and added some garlic and ginger to the mix. Turmeric wasn't on the list, but I love to add it in wherever I can, as it is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. I also love…

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Tropical Paradise Smoothie

Spring has definitely sprung here on the island, with sunny warm days in abundance. As a result I find myself reaching for smoothies and salads with increasing frequency. I am a big fan of smoothies first thing in the morning, they allow for a wonderful combination of healthy fats and protein, along with superfoods that help maximize nutritional input. 

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