The Road Less Traveled

Life has shifted for us in a very big way over the past couple of months. We explored a few different options that would have us stay in Victoria, but ultimately discovered that while we have thoroughly enjoyed living here, it is not so much about the place. We could be anywhere, so long as we are all together. Last December we met the incredible Pearce family, who have been traveling the world with their three kids for the past 7 years. Their blog Pearce on Earth depicts their travel lifestyle, with tons of resources with regards to life on the road, entrepreneurship and world schooling. The more we spoke with them, the more inspired we became. If they could do it, pursuing an adventure like this seemed far more accessible for us as well. Not quite brave enough to take the plunge as of yet, we decided to explore…

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Handcrafted Malas

Malas are made up of 108 beads, plus a guru stone (or tassle). This central stone serves as a focus point for the intention of the mala and meditation practice, as well as signifying the beginning and ending of the japa meditation sequence. 108 is considered to be a sacred number as there are said to be 108 upanishads (sacred Hindu texts), as well as 108 sacred places in the body. 

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Back To My Roots Borscht

Fall is definitely in the air as we start to experience shorter days and colder nights. All of these shifts and changes have me reaching for my cozy sweaters along with warm and nourishing soups and teas. The inspiration for this particular recipe came from the bounty of root vegetables in our weekly CSA bag, along with a strong family history of consuming beets. 

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